Awkwardly Late News!

My very first blog post was also my very first article submission and….

It was featured on Mamapedia!! How cool is that?!

I know I’m WAY late, but better late than never, right?! I just had to share and brag a little. It inspires me to write more, which I definitely need as I get going again!


Awkwardly Anonymous

After obsessing over whether or not to link this blog to my personal Facebook page, I’m going with a big fat NO…at least for now.

Sure it would get it out there for people to see and maybe read. BUT…the anxiety I feel when I imagine my family or friends reading this is too overwhelming.

This blog is my way of sharing my life without a filter – to write with wild abandon.

I don’t want to hinder that process by wondering what they might think. This anonymity gives me just enough confidence to really lay it all out there. This shit is about to get real! In time, I’m sure I’ll grow some balls and share with my loved ones.

I would love to know I’m not alone in this. Do you ever hold back because you’re worried what others might think? Why do we care what they think? Tell me what you think so I can stop feeling like a weirdo! 🙂

If you are enjoying the blog so far, please share with your friends! Your support is appreciated! Plus, the more the merrier, right?!