My Child Has Trouble With Homework — Reason #137

E is notorious for losing stuff. I actually schedule time during our morning routine specifically so I can find everything she’s misplaced since the night before. It’s a daily battle. Homework is no exception.

Today, her teacher sent me an extremely helpful (cue sarcastic eye roll) message to remind me of homework due this week, and to let me know that E has had ample opportunity to work on it at school. Ample, meaning she could choose to skip recess in order to work on it. What 10 year old is going to forgo recess?!


She sent the assignment as an attachment, which totally made up for the passive aggressive undertones of her message letting me know E was slacking on her work and not giving up her recess, the little heathen that she is.

Sarcasm aside, I was super grateful. That is so much easier than trying to find out what’s up from E, who probably has no idea there even IS an assignment to begin with.

Unfortunately, as soon as I opened it, I knew she would not be able to complete her homework this week…again.

Here’s why…


Not gonna happen…

No, I’d rather spend my time seizing this moment — to be able to blame our homework nightmare on something other than my child’s attention span, or lack thereof. Even if it’s just for today, I’ll take it!

We spend hours upon hours just trying to get through a few math problems a night. She has a hard time focusing all day at school as it is, so trying to get her to concentrate on more work at home is next to impossible.

This is all new to me because M is exactly the opposite. Academics are his thing. His favorite week of the year is standardized test week, so he can prove what he knows. Seriously. He has always finished the weekly assignments before he even gets home.

Do any of you have a hard time getting through your kid’s homework? Is there anything (besides deep breathing and wine on my part) that makes it easier for both parent and child?